Sticking with Mint (Score: 1)

by in Ubuntu 14.04: don't touch those buttons! on 2014-05-08 06:37 (#1FN)

I moved to Mint way back when Unity first appeared. Just don't like it.

Still, I regularly check out other distros, and gave the new Ubuntu a spin today.

Guess what? I'm back into Mint again.

For me part of what I like about Linux is the feeling that I'm in control, and can tweak stuff to suit my specific needs. I really don't get that feeling with Ubuntu.

Instead it just feels like Linux dressed up to look like OS X. Given that I really don't like Apple's way of doing things that doesn't work for me.

Clarity is good! (Score: 1)

by in Rank your trust in the following sites: on 2014-05-08 02:22 (#1FK)

Grumble grumble... if you want to ask people to rank a list numerically you really need to tell them which end of the scale is "high" and which is "low".

I assumed that "1" was the best, but I'll bet others thought that "8" was the top ranking.

Of course, I'm also pissed off that it wouldn't let me rank Facebook as "99".